It’s better with “butter”!

I recently received a free coupon for a tub of Country Crock Original from Influenster to try out. I don’t usually buy this brand or this type of “butter” since I usually bake or cook with bars of butter, but every now and then I like to try the spreads because they’re convenient. I was pleasantly surprised that we got the large tub with the coupon. One thing I learned from couponing is to always use a coupon for the largest quantity possible with the lowest price. For example, if you had a coupon for $0.50 off of a box of cereal, you would go with the cheapest box to get the most for your money. Using a small value coupon on an expensive item won’t save you as much money as it would if you spent it on the lowest priced item. And you can always compare price/unit when you do the math to make sure you get the best value. With free coupons, they usually have a maximum amount you can spend despite being “free”. So when you use them, try going for the largest quantity available that doesn’t go over the limit. You can use it even if it does go over, but that defeats the purpose of getting the product for free. Anyway, back to the review!

While I was writing up my short review on the Country Crock website, I was surprised to see so many bad reviews. Apparently, the recipe changed and some long time users were upset because the taste had also changed drastically. Since I don’t buy Country Crock often, I actually can’t be a critic of that. It actually tasted fine for me, and the fact that I can whip it out of the fridge and spread it on toast straight out of the tub is a big plus. Makes it perfect for biscuits, one of my favorites. I’ve also used it to cook stir fry and topped it on pancakes. I haven’t used it for baking yet, but most likely I won’t be doing that since measuring butter by the bar is much easier. Overall, the taste is great and it’s convenient for spreading on breads.

And if it wasn’t obvious before, I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased opinion. 🙂


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