#JingleVoxBox Review

First thoughts about the VoxBox: so pretty! Love the lettering, color and message on the box. If you wanna see my complete unboxing, watch it here on YouTube. I channeled my inner “RRcherrypie” and filmed the whole thing in complete silence, which was a nice change from my other unboxing vids.

I first unboxed the Spiderman Hallmark itty bittys. These are great for gifts and it’s almost tempting to start a collection of them because they’re so cute! They are soft and squishy and totally safe for little ones. They’re very similar to Disney Tsum Tsums, but there’s a bigger variety of characters. You can check out all the different characters on Hallmark’s website. #ittybittys

The small sample of Cetaphil was so cute! It’s the perfect size for traveling and to take on the go. The formula is very smooth, creamy, and cool so it goes on clean, dries fast, and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. There are some creams out there for eczema that are really sticky and thick, and makes you want to wash your hands after which defeats the purpose. This came at a great time since winter is here and with winter comes dry, dry skin! It’s also safe to use on your face, which means it’s sensitive yet strong. #Cheerphil

Although I don’t paint my nails often, I love trying new nail polishes and new colors. It’s perfect that Influenster sent me Pure Ice Nail Polish in Shore Bet, which is a shade of gray and a color that I don’t have in my collection. It was very new to see gray on my nails, but I absolutely loved it! One coat was actually enough to get good coverage, but I double-coated anyway. It also dried fairly fast so I was able to paint on the second coat after I finished the first coat on my other hand. I would definitely buy more in different colors, especially because they offer so many! #PureIce

Biscoff Cookies is best known as Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee, but after tasting it, I think it pretty much tastes good with any hot beverage. Especially since I don’t drink coffee, so I kind of have to eat it with something else. 🙂 Biscoff advertises that it has a unique taste and flavor, and I agree that I don’t know of any cookie that tastes like it. The best part about it is that I can name all the ingredients on two hands. #MyBiscoffBreak

I’m not great at putting on makeup, but I’m fascinated by it and I’m always up for experimenting when the occasion arises. I tried out the NYC City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner and the KISS True Volume Lashes in one look. This was actually my first time putting on fake lashes, and the results were semi-successful. Practice makes perfect. The lashes were a bit long for my taste, but they ended up looking really good. I used the KISS Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe to apply the lashes that also came in the VoxBox. After applying the lashes, I topped the look off with the eyeliner and did a wing/cat eye. The look was a hit with my friends. I loved the eyeliner because it was really pigmented and went on smooth without the need of multiple application. I didn’t actually keep it on for 24 hours, but it did prove to be waterproof. 🙂 #cityproofnyc #KISSlashes

The Ore-Ida Tater Tots was one of my favorite items in this box because it was a coupon for a free full-sized bag of tater tots. And who doesn’t love tater tots? Especially lots of it! These tots were so good and crisped up very nicely in the oven. In my experience, baked tots never taste as good as deep-fried, but I was pleasantly surprised they weren’t dry and came out crispy. Plus it’s much healthier than deep frying. Next time though I will definitely deep fry them, just because you have to! 😛 If you want to check out my take on Ore-Ida totchos, you can check out my post for gyro chicken totchos. For more totchos recipes, click here. #OreIdaTotchos

Disclaimer: I received all items complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. 


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